As a young author, I ran into various obstacles and scams while I was looking for a right publisher and I want to share my experience with my fellow colleagues especially newcomers. Internet brought us a lot easier way to find someone to publish and perfect our work, everything from typesetting services, designing, eBook conversion services and so on. However, a large number of publishing companies doesn’t equal great service and you have to act carefully when choosing your publisher or you will end up scammed, with no money, no reputation and with no copyrights. Nowadays, you must to find right publisher for your publications with good eBook conversion services, because eBooks are the future!

The first thing you need to pay attention to is pricing. If it seems like the company is overcharging its publishing services, and it doesn’t have a branded name, then it probably is. Determine how much money you can spend on publishing services, while still being able to eat and don’t settle for anything higher than that, you will probably find someone to help you.
Rights are the crucial things when it comes to publishing, and you are handing over your copyrights in exchange for a certain amount of money. Make sure your publisher appreciates your work and your rights, and always read the fine print. Companies can sometimes forbid you from publishing with their competition or in other countries, so be careful what you’re settling for.

Expensive services don’t equal better services, just the opposite, many of the publishing companies treat their customers indifferently and uninterested, for instance, cover designs are often template-based and so on. Get in touch with other authors who hired the same company, and ask for their experience.
When you have chosen your publishing agency, be sure to see into their eBook conversion services. Not every company provides these, and you might end up having to convert your manuscript format to some other, but don’t worry there is always something you could do. Development of the technology brought us so many great ways to perfect our work, and almost everything can be done online. Conversion services are different and required formats vary from company to company.

The Certain format of your eBook is necessary for your publishing agency as well as for readers. If you want your book to be readable by both machines and humans, you have to be able to use PDF to XML conversion services. This can be substantial for the publishing companies because they often have computer programs that ‘read’ and edit your book.
ePUB conversion is used to convert PDF files into ePUB format often because of the different reading programs and supporting platforms. Depending on the platform they use, publishers can request this format.

And the last but not the least Kindle file conversion or Mobi file conversion, readers are often using Kindle devices to read the books, which means they cannot use the ePUB format to read your book. That is why you need to be sure your publisher provides these conversion services. Kindle is an e-Reading device, and it is used all over the world, and what is the purpose of publishing your book if people cannot read it.